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As traditional institutions and fintech strive for growth and to improve margins, reducing complexity and optimizing operations is imperative to delivering differentiated experiences. Maintaining your competitive advantage can be challenging when customers expect around-the-clock banking services. It is not just about digital transformation, but also about the digital revolution. Customers today demand more choices in terms of ease of access, simplified usability, and personalized contextual offerings. The ‘customer is first’ motto must override business models and structural limitations to become the streamlined personalized experience your customers expect.

Liberin’s offerings for the banking and financial services sector are shaped by disruptive technologies like Cloud, AI and Mobility and partnerships with leading platform providers – empowering them to deliver hyper-personalized financial services that are valued by their customers. We help you streamline inefficient processes with strategies and solutions that grow your business and keep customers at the center of your organization. Let us help you not only reach your digital transformation objectives but also go beyond them to begin your digital revolution of the future.

Some of the products that Liberin has been involved in include mobile apps for managing ATM incidents and providing reports and dashboard, designing and developing a new product platform that monitors banking switches, and an analytics platform that manages cash replenishment orders as well as predicts the cash flow requirements at ATMs using AI/ML. Liberin is also working on an AI/ML based model for ATM Transactions Norms Learning and Anomaly detection along with Incidents Service Analysis and Predictive Maintenance.

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Retail and Commercial Banking

Rebuild technology and operating models for the future. Create next-gen experiences for corporate customers and end-to-end experiences for retail customers that deliver more efficient operations and payments processes.


Keep the human factor in your lending processes. Achieve scale and stability with automated front and back offices.


Modernize core processes. Our enterprise strategies and designs help you increase throughput and improve risk and fraud management.

Governance, Risks and Compliance

Our teams track regulations, assess the impact on your organization and help implement the changes.