Functional Testing

Ensure your applications function the way your users want them to.

Ensure your applications function the way your users want them to.

With the continuously growing expectations and demands of the end-user, the release of a new product without a thorough testing phase can bring more risks now than ever before. Adding to that, customer experience plays a critical role in the success or failure of enterprises. Businesses need to focus on performing end-to-end functional and non-functional testing for their mobile, web, and eCommerce applications or for enterprise solutions such as CRM, ERP, and more.

Liberin provides end-to-end functional testing services to ensure the verification and validation of applications for global enterprises. Our software functional testing services focus on testing applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user acceptance for seamless and robust functionality. With deep experience in testing both open source & commercial automation tools such as Selenium, we take a functional testing approach that leverages proven industry-standard testing techniques, tools, pre-built test accelerators, and methodologies. Our analytics-driven regression testing approach has been utilized by multiple clients across various industries & ensures that new features or enhancements do not cause any unintended impact on the existing quality of applications.

Within the Functional Testing realm, we offer the following services: Module Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, Exploratory Testing, Smoke Testing, Unit Testing, Usability Testing, Android and iOS Testing and User Acceptance Testing.

The Liberin



Experienced QA team

Liberin delivers prominent quality assurance services and functional testing services across various verticals and for platforms including desktop, mobile, cloud, and web services while boosting your software quality. Our best-in-class testing experts create an end-to-end process to help identify defects early to reduce the overall testing costs, rework, and enhance quality.


Best practices

Our functional testing process involves testing user commands, searches, user screens, business processes, data manipulation and integrations. Coupled with effective solutions, a robust approach, and proven industry-standard testing tools, techniques, methodologies, and pre-built test accelerators, we ensure verification and validation of applications for software vendors and enterprises.


Functionality Testing Tools

Our dedicated functional team has extensive, hands-on expertise in automating functional testing services. Using leading tools, techniques, and agile methodology, we can help you to maximize your return on investment.