Enabling retailers to efficiently manage all aspects of their business.

Streamline operations & inventory across online/offline stores with omnichannel retail software.

The pace with which the retail industry is changing is dramatic, with more sales shifting from the brick-and-mortar stores to online. As per some recent studies, shift in customer behaviors and expectations since the recent years has resulted in digital and physical channels merging and shoppers expecting a connected experience across all touchpoints. An omni commerce strategy is indispensable for retailers to deliver on promises to today’s customer. Liberin helps retailers to drive strong revenue growth leveraging data, with technology and business processes that support a flexible, agile distribution and fulfilment network to derive a higher percentage of sales from digital channels. Use our solutions to integrate your operations and provide consistent services across multiple sales channels including online marketplaces, physical storefronts, and company websites.

What we do?

Segments we serve

Customizable ERP Software

ERP Software Solution for retail stores simplifies retail store management with billing, inventory, CRM, loyalty programs, schemes, discounts, e-commerce, accounts, GST Filing etc.

Inventory Management

Manage fully customizable barcode generation, dead/slow-moving stock reporting and management with batch-wise/MRP-wise stock. Improve efficiency through the import of items, import purchase and bulk updates of rates through excel. Achieve tight control of returned items and eCommerce integration.

POS – Point of Sale

Advanced and fully configurable POS system with multiple views, touch/mobile interfaces, flexible schemes and promotions, easy exchange/return management, integrated alteration module, display item images at POS and cashier/shift system.

Loyalty & Coupon Management

Inbuilt Loyalty System for Points Accrual and Redemption with customizable configuration, brand/category-wise membership packages, discount coupons and gift vouchers, and OTP-based Points and Coupon Redemption. Customized Feedback and Surveys and instant Feedback at POS improve customer engagement. All solutions are integrated with third-party Loyalty Programs.


Pre-Configured reporting template, configurable report, mobile reporting with features to email reports with Auto Report Mailer. Additional support for Power Reports and Export to Excel/HTML/PDF.

Accounting & Financial Management

Simple and Configurable Accounting Module with journal entries, cash/bank vouchers, bills receivables/payables, Cost Centers, Balance Sheets, P&L, Ratio Analysis, e-File GST Returns and E-Way bill generation.