Maintenance and Support

Your business deserves zero downtime.
Maximize efficiency, minimize issues.

Your business deserves zero downtime. Maximize efficiency, and minimize issues.

Do you need to adapt your application to business requirements and market challenges? Does your platform require technical changes and adjustments so that it can continue to perform the assigned functions? Does your app need updates or further consulting services?

Any custom software, including web apps, requires further maintenance and support services after it has been designed and released to the market. The types of issues that can arise in the process of exploitation are very wide. There are situations, which usually lead people to software maintenance and support.

Outsource your software maintenance and support services to Liberin and free up your team to focus on business initiatives. Our maintenance and support team seamlessly blends with clients’ development and support practices ensuring smooth software operation and scalability. Liberin offers an efficient and flexible solution for maintenance and support, including all the modifications and updates that were done after the software product delivery. The focus is on enabling uninterrupted operation of the software, together with enhancements and changes in implementation. You no longer need to care about problems occurring during the product operation. Our extended team delivery service includes all types of technical support and (corrective, preventive, adaptive, and perfective) maintenance. Our software maintenance support team has significant expertise in working with the bleeding-edge technology stacks such as Kotlin, Java, Scala, Spring, Containers, Service Meshes, and data pipelines like Kafka, NATS, etc. Liberin will provide you with the best solutions for updating the application or software testing.

The Liberin



Full cycle Services

Our maintenance services ensure all-round support – from impartial software assessment & consulting to 24/7 IT system maintenance. Liberin releases your company’s staff of routine tasks and helps to optimize IT costs.


Out-of-the-box Expertise

Our dedicated software maintenance team stays in line with the cutting-edge technology tendencies, which ensures maximum uptime of your application and its dynamic compliance with the industry standards.


Budget Flexibility

Our maintenance and support outsourcing options comprise great flexibility: you pay only for the services you need and when you need them. As your maintenance needs change, Liberin offers a wealth of options to switch to.