Data Analytics

Extract more value from your data to make informed business decisions.

Extract more value from your data to make informed business decisions.

Data is the new oil, fuelling businesses across the globe. Consumerization of IT has resulted in an explosion of data being generated. Most businesses are struggling with the diversity and richness of data being generated as their customers consume their products and services digitally. Turning this organization-wide data into actionable insights and leveraging them to develop new products and services for enhanced customer experience is key for the future growth of companies. To differentiate and compete, leading organizations are generating opportunities by leveraging cutting-edge analytics.

Liberin provides services covering the whole spectrum of data analytics work, helping organizations use data and analytics to create new business models and revenue streams – all while ensuring security, quality, and regulatory compliance of data. Through technology and consulting, we ensure the adoption of scientific decision-making across the enterprise, rather than in pockets/silos. In our data analytics engagements, we combine our extensive business knowledge, Data Science, and technical experience to solve business problems and realize assured benefits. We ensure Execution Excellence in each one of our engagements through the adoption of our Data Science Life Cycle (DSLC) methodology, backed by a library of reusable templates, checklists, and artifacts, to enable consistent delivery quality. We have forged deep partnerships by working seamlessly with industry-leading Data and Analytics products, niche players, and ecosystem vendors.

Regardless of where you are in your data and analytics journey, we can partner with you to help you derive this value from your data at an industrialized scale with ensured adoption.

The Liberin



Enterprise Data Management

We help companies create, manage, and disseminate data for all applications and processes. We ensure that our data management complies with the regulatory framework. Our services also include master and metadata management.


Data Integration, Reporting, and Visualization

With these services, companies can integrate data from various resources. This ensures that no information is missed out and companies get a holistic view of data. With proprietary tools, Liberin also helps in converting data into easy-to-interpret visual reports and dashboards.


Analytics, Insights, and Intelligence

We provide generic or customized services involving Big Data, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Such services help understand customer datasets to spot trends and identify opportunities for growth.