Use language to derive value from your data

Don’t let technical knowledge and implementation time block you. Ask questions naturally and get answers in the way you want it. Utilizing the power of Septa to gain insights and faster decision-making.

Ditch the code, and embrace efficiency!

 Forget tedious SQL. Simply ask your questions and let Septa do the heavy lifting.

Challenge your data, AI is ready

Uncover hidden insights with Septa. Ask complex questions with multi-table joins, using your own business terms.

Insights in a flash.

Discover what matters in seconds. Generate beautiful charts instantly with Septa, revealing key trends and patterns.

Insights in a flash.

Discover what matters in seconds. Generate beautiful charts instantly with Septa, revealing key trends and patterns.

Data made familiar!

Your data is now simplified! Get what you need quickly and easily in simple natural language.

Empower Your Business with Data Insights

Simplify Your Data Journey

Forget complex queries and embrace an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Converse with your data directly, ask questions, and discover insights effortlessly.

Supported Databases

Ask, Explore, Discover seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, supporting industry-standard databases like Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL,  SQLite and many more.

Secure Localized Infrastructure

Our localized intelligence keeps your database securely connected to your server, deploying cutting-edge LLM technology directly on your infrastructure. 

Advanced Conversational AI that adds true value.

Advanced Conversational AI that adds true value.

Step 1: Ask a question in natural language

Simply type your question as you would speak it, no coding is required.

Step 2: AI translates and retrieves the answer.

Our powerful AI instantly translates your question into the right format to communicate with your database, retrieves the relevant data, and prepares the answer.

Step 3: Get your answer, naturally or visually!

Choose to see the answer in clear, understandable language or explore it through interactive graphs and charts for deeper insights.


What databases does Septa support?

Septa currently supports leading databases like Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL, and SQLite etc. This means you can easily connect and explore your existing data infrastructure without any hassle. 

Do I need to know how to code to use Septa?

Not at all! We designed Septa with everyone in mind, regardless of technical expertise. You simply ask your questions in plain English, and our advanced AI takes care of the rest. No coding experience or SQL knowledge is required. 

How does Septa ensure my data privacy and security?

Your data’s privacy is our top priority. Unlike other solutions, Septa‘s AI technology operates directly on your server, keeping your data securely within your own infrastructure. This eliminates the risk of sensitive information leaving your control. You can explore and analyze your data with complete peace of mind, knowing everything remains secure and confidential. 

How do I get started with Septa?

Getting started is simple! Just visit our website and sign up for a free trial. You can immediately begin asking questions and explore your data in a whole new way. We also offer helpful resources and tutorials to guide you through the process and unlock the full potential of Septa.

Experience the power of Septa!

Unlock new possibilities for your business with Septa.

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