Level Up Your Game with AI-Powered Sports Tracking

Your personal coach, always by your side.




Discover The Magic

Get pro-level insights instantly with our AI analyzing your video in real-time, no internet needed.

Unleash the Power of AI in Your Game

Your AI Umpire: Fair Play Every Time

Simply record your match and let our AI your shots, power, placement, and strategy – all in real time.

Track Your Progress with Your Game Stats

See how you’re improving over time with detailed stats. Get better every game! Monitor your development over time with historical data and insightful charts.

Play Anywhere, Analyze Everywhere

Record your matches on any court, indoors or outdoors. Analyze your game at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

Replay Infinitely

Confused about a call? See it again from any angle, just like on TV!

Focus on the Best Moments in Minutes

Transform hours of footage into action-packed highlights. Share your performance instantly – no time wasted! Our AI automatically removes downtime and lets you filter by key moments, so you can analyze and improve in record time.

Capture Your Game in 3 Simple Steps

Select Your Sport!

Choose your paddle game type (Pickleball, Long Tennis etc.) from the available options.

Attach Your Phone.

Securely mount your iPhone using a suitable phone holder for optimal recording.


Start your match, and Paddle Analyzer will take care of the rest.

Experience the power of Sports Analytics!

Unlock new possibilities for your business with Sports Analytics.

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