Conversational AI

Engage with your customers to provide them exceptional personalized experiences.

Engage with your customers to provide them exceptional personalized experiences.

With devices getting smaller, and menus, systems, and apps are growing increasingly complex, people often don’t know how to find or use features, but they know what they want to do, and they know how to chat and text. By replacing traditional UIs with human-like dialogs, companies can make customer experiences simpler and more intuitive, and make employee workflows faster and more efficient. Conversational AI is a set of technologies that enable computers to understand, process, and respond to voice or text inputs in natural ways, and is typically used in conjunction with bots or intelligent virtual agents (IVAs). Done well, it helps people interact with complex systems in faster and easier ways and helps businesses deliver personalized engagements and support at scale.

Conversational AI is changing the way we engage with customers – vastly improving reach, responsiveness, and personalization. Your business should leverage these technologies broadly and widely to achieve remarkable gains in self-service, customer experience, and operational insights.

Liberin’s proven conversational design and smart architecture strategy leveraging platforms like IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, etc help large organizations operationalize and accelerate the adoption of Conversational AI to better meet today’s customer expectations, and achieve rapid gains in efficiency and cost savings. Through the power of continuous learning, Liberin’s Conversational AI understands everyday speech, phrasing, and context, enabling it to replicate the nuances of natural speech and deliver more humanlike customer interactions. The solution allows enterprises to rapidly develop, deploy and analyze artificially intelligent conversational applications across a variety of use cases and channels. Liberin’s Conversational AI is enterprise-strength and integrates with back-office and third-party applications, making it easy to implement a wide range of natural language applications, such as virtual assistants and speech-based conversational UIs, to deliver a personalized and intelligent customer experience.

The Liberin



Relevance and Context

By incorporating data intelligence, Liberin’s conversational solutions anticipate questions and customer needs, responding with empathy to deliver higher engagement, efficiency, productivity, and sales.


Customer Experience

We craft solutions that clarify and amplify brand identity – with a natural dialogue flow – providing the rich and relevant experience today’s customers expect across the channels they prefer.


Technology Innovation

From project inception through full implementation, we partner with our clients, leading cloud providers, and innovative point solutions to deliver conversational programs that optimize existing investments and deliver innovation for long-term success.