The Postage Meter That’s Delivering Results for Businesses of All Sizes

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This case study highlights an innovative product—an IoT-enabled, smart, and compact postage meter—developed for a global client. This remarkable device features a volumetric scale, a postage slip printer, and an integrated touch screen running a streamlined Android version. It is widely adopted by thousands of small and medium businesses (SMBs) worldwide, serving as a reliable tool for efficiently sending lightweight packages and documents through various shipping carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Additionally, a mobile application complements this device, providing users with essential usage insights, expenditure monitoring, diagnostics, and access to support resources. 

The Objective:  

The primary objective of this project was to reinforce the product comprehensively, ensuring its durability and reliability across its various components, including the Android-based touch screen interface applications, the mobile application, and backend APIs. The overarching goals encompassed elevating the user experience, achieving uniformity in the user interface, and enhancing the performance of backend services. 

The Solution:   

Liberin played a pivotal role in delivering a comprehensive range of services to address these objectives. Their contributions included a self-care mobile application with features such as device management, ink level monitoring, and meter balance tracking, in addition to real-time device health notifications and access to user guides and knowledge base resources. Furthermore, Liberin conducted exploratory testing, user experience testing, functional testing, integration testing, and back-end performance testing, each playing a crucial role in identifying areas of improvement and implementing necessary enhancements. 

Key Benefits:  

The collaborative efforts between Liberin and the client resulted in significant benefits: 

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The implementation of intuitive changes led to increased user satisfaction and engagement. 
  2. Homogenous UI Style: The adoption of a consistent user interface style streamlined the overall user experience. 
  3. Improved Backend Performance: Rigorous assessment and enhancements achieved a remarkable 20% improvement in backend service performance. 
  4. Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability: The product’s overall efficiency and reliability were significantly bolstered. 

    The culmination of these efforts resulted in the creation of a highly reliable and scalable platform, catering to the diverse needs of SMBs worldwide. This innovative solution revolutionizes the way these businesses manage their postage needs, ensuring seamless operations across the globe. 


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    The Postage Meter That’s Delivering Results for Businesses of All Sizes